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I lean towards comedy and drama but can also write horror/thrillers and action.

There's no project too big or too small.

I'm a multi-produced screenwriter. You can check out what things I've worked on, either on my IMDB page or on the Projects page of this website.

Below is a list of all the services I'm offering, along with prices. Have any questions, please feel free to let me know using the forms below.

I've done everything from shorts, to 1/2 hour and full hour pilots, plus multiple episodes, and even feature films.

Note: Currently due to the amount of projects I'm working on I am not taking orders for script writing.  Check back often as I will be re-adding that service in the future again.

Have you written a short, pilot, or feature film and want honest constructive feedback on everything from format to story?

Have you written a short, pilot, or feature film but it's not in proper screenwriting format and need someone to help you get your script into perfect shape?

Let me help. I'm now offering my screenwriting talents here on my own website and on my Fiverr page.

Script Coverage

There are three tiers to this service as shorts, pilots, and features all have different lengths to them. No matter the size of the scripts, the feedback will be the same for all of them.

I'll give notes on formatting and also on the story itself. Things that worked in the script, things that didn't. Possible issues. Things to consider. I'll also bring attention to the things that standout (in a good way) in the script.

For feature length scripts you can expect somewhere around 10+ detailed pages of notes.

The shorter the script, most likely, the shorter the page count when it comes to notes.


The average turnaround for shorts are 10 days, while Pilots and Features are 20 days. For an extra fee you can have the feedback sooner. Those fees will also be listed below.


Shorts - $50 (for scripts that are 1 to 30 pages long)

Pilots - $95( for scripts that are up to 70 pages) 

Features - $180 (up to 100 pages) 

Script Formatting

This is for writers that might just be starting off or writers who don't have the use of screenwriting software. I'll take your script from either a Word document or PDF file and format it correctly into industry standards and give you two finished files. (1) your script in a new PDF file. (2) Your script in a Final Draft 10 file.

While formatting a script isn't hard work, it does take a significant amount of time to do as I'll have to go line-by-line transferring it into the proper format. This is the reason for the prices.

For short scripts (anything ten pages of less) will take 4-days to complete. Pilots (anything less than 70 pages) will take 7-days to complete. Features (up to 130 pages) will take 10-days to complete. If you need this done faster, I can do rush orders, with an extra fee that will also be listed below.


Shorts - $15 (10 pages or less) + $20 for 1-day delivery

Pilots - $75(up to 70 pages) + $40 for 2-day delivery

Features- $105 (up to 130 pages) + $70 for 3-day delivery

Note: This service does not include editing or proofreading. Only formatting. 


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